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Services & FAQ

Our Most Popular Services

Here are some details about our 4 most common services. – If you need some help, please do get in contact with us.

Unblocking Drains

Blocked Pipework, drains and toilets unblocked

My Water Main leaks

Water Main leaks located and fully repaired

Patch & Lining Repairs

No-Dig technology to patch and line defective pipework

CCTV Survey & Report

CCTV Survey conducted on your drains with a report

Septic Tank Installs

Install, Upgrade & Empty Septic Tanks

Groundwater Infiltration Solutions

I have Groundwater Infiltration problems

Unblocking Drains

Domestic and commercial unblocking services

We can offer a domestic and commercial unblocking service to your blocked sink, toilet, drainage system, access chamber or septic tank.

Our skilled engineers are committed to great customer service and have earned us a strong well renowned reputation in the market.

  • An unblocking service to restore the water flow to your drainage system.

  • The use of any high-pressure water jetting equipment.

  • The use of any specialised mechanical rodding equipment.

  • Fixed pricing with ‘no call out charge’.

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Water Pipe Repairs

Domestic and Commecial Water Pipe Repairs

Do you have a water leak on your home?

If your supply is metered or not, no matter what size of leak you may have, this may increase the cost of your water bill. Water leaks can affect your water pressure but can also cause damage to the foundations of your home.

The water pipe which runs between the boundary of your property to your home is usually your responsibility. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you find the both the leak and get it fixed as quickly and effectively as possible?


What happens if there is a leak on my property?

  • If the leak is found to be the responsibility of the local water authority we will put you in touch with the relevant body, and we will provide the information we have obtained from our investigation to assist the repair.

  • If the water leak is found to be the responsibility of the home owner we will provide you with a quotation to undertake the repair work for you.

  • Once we’ve agreed what to do we’ll work with you to ensure the work is completed as quickly as possible

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Patch and Lining Repairs

Domestic and commercial Patch and Lining Repairs

We are able to offer ‘no-dig’ resin patch lining to your pipework to seal and line a defective are of pipework ranging from root ingress, water infiltration, displaced jointing, cracks and fractures.

The fibreglass sleeve is constructed from fibre-glass matting and is cured in place by a 2-part epoxy resin positioned in place of the defective area of pipework via an access chamber

  • High-pressure water jetting and cleaning of the pipework to prepare the drainage for the lining process.

  • Pre and post CCTV footage of the resin patch liner.

  • A personalised USB stick containing footage of your resin patch liner is included.

  • A 10-year complete structural guarantee.

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CCTV Surveys

Domestic and commercial CCTV Surveys

We can offer you a personalised CCTV survey of the drainage system at your property to confirm the structural condition of the pipework and to list any observations.

Buying or selling a property? we can provide a pre-purchase CCTV survey of the drainage to assist any prospective purchase.

Thinking of adding an extension or garden room to your property, we can provide a build-over CCTV survey of the drainage to assist any new build.

Our CCTV surveys are carried out by trained and experienced engineers using the latest ‘Wincan’ reporting software.

The turnaround time for survey reporting is typically 24 hours.

  • A ‘Wincan’ CCTV Survey report with digital photos, site plan and mapping.

  • A personalised USB stick containing footage of your drainage is included.

  • Free professional advice on your report is included.

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Septic Tank Installations

A septic tank is typically an underground chamber in which sewage is collected and allowed to decompose through bacterial activity before draining by means of a soakaway system.

If you happen to be within the 4% of the UK population that do not have access to mains drainage, you may need to install a septic tank and soakaway to deal with the waste from your home

With many different types of septic tank to choose from, installing a septic tank can be a complicated and involved project, but we are here to make the process as clear and simple as possible.

There are certain regulations surrounding septic tanks covering everything from where it can be sited, to where the waste water must go once it leaves the septic tank.

It is no longer legal to discharge the waste water from a septic tank straight to a watercourse or ditch, so it can only go to a soakaway or drainage field.

We can calculate the format and size of the soakaway system is crucial in avoiding to avoid any future issues which may cause the septic tank to hold too much effluent.

We may also need to undertake percolation testing to make ensure that the ground is suitable.

If you are looking to install a new septic tank, or would like to upgrade your current system, please call our team today to find out more, or complete our contact form, as we’re sure we’ll be able to help.

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Groundwater Infiltration Solutions

Groundwater Infiltration Solutions

Where underground pipework has become cracked or broken or a joint is defective, local groundwater can infiltrate the pipeline.

This can cause a series of issues. The excess water may cause a sewer to exceed its original design capacity, leading to overflows, and where pumping is used, this excess volume of water may cause these pumps to run far in excess of their designed operational times. 

The excess water will also cause a dilution of the sewage and an increase in the volume passing to sewage treatment, leading to inefficiencies.

Where groundwater infiltration is suspected we can carry out full, comprehensive inspections to isolate the cause of the infiltration and suggest the most suitable and cost-effective repair method to be used.

We are able to undertake measures for the prevention of aggressive water infiltration through virtually any substrate. We use a resin grout system in comparison to the cement alternative often used. This is a polyurethane grout which has been used in mines, geothermal wells, dry-docks, and virtually anything else that can leak underground. 

The cured polyurethane product is ideal for manholes, culverts, bunds or any concrete, cement or brick structure that needs to be dry – for its own purpose, or prior to a long-term repair. 

Contact us to speak about our range of solutions for your groundwater infiltration issues. 

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Q & A


We do not charge a call out fee for any of our services. The cost for any work done will be clearly communicated to you on site or via a quote ,with no hidden or extra charges applied.


This depends on the size and nature of the blockage. Our engineers will survey your drains before taking appropriate action and will aim to resolve your problem within an hour -but on occasions it could take longer.


Yes, We offer a 24 a day service, all year around – With no callout charge


YES- We offer drain repair services to re-line / patch defective areas of your drain rather than the more costly drain excavation .

Can not find the answer to your question?

If you can not find what you are looking for, give us a call.

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